Sunshine …Snakes…Slowly dropping water levels

What a way to get the club season going. Excellent turnout with 20 solo competitors and 2 teams making the most of the sunshine in what were fantastic triathlon conditions.

While the harbor seemed to drain with every lap of the swim, competitors raced around to ensure they took advantage of the early depth to swim the majority of the course uninterrupted.

A stiffening breeze meant riders came home with the wind as they took advantage of natures supporting hand on the return leg. However, the same breeze appeared to go missing for the run and really turned up the heat on the stretch for home.

Legless locals looked on, some getting perhaps a little close for comfort as they slithered their way into the run turn but even they didn’t deter our spirited sprinters.

It was a close finish in the men’s long course with Jaxon Smeed pipping John Toomey at the post while the women’s was Dree Campbell with a fantastic performance. 

In the short course Ken Willis took the prize in a great effort particularly on the bike with Trevor Greary finishing strong in the run to very nearly catch.

Full results can be found on our results page here

A big thank you to our Sponsor, 6 Degrees, who put up a $25 spot prize for the entrants, the Campbell Clan were the lucky winners.

As the last event before the Christmas break, entrants to our December 8th event will have a chance at a special Christmas spot prize, a 10L Ridge Ryder Thermocooler car fridge, perfect for keeping the nutrition and drinks ready to go over a long event day. So Get down, Get involved and you might get an early visit from Triathlete Santa.

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